I introduce myself: my name is Emiliano Toso, and I’m a composer musician and molecular biologist near to new health horizons offered by epigenetics; this word is difficult, but the idea is simple: epigenetics is the science that studies how what we believe in creates what we are.

Translational Music is my creation, born from merging all the elements that helped my growth path: science firstly (as said, I’m a molecular biologist), and then the search for spirituality through techniques like Reiki, crystals and shamanism.

In 2013 my growth path and all this elements leaded to the born of  “Translational Music®” project, with support and approval from Dr. Bruce Lipton, with whom I collaborate. Translational Music® opens European congresses of Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch e Bruce Lipton.

Music I compose is driven by deep emotional states I live. Translational Music® represent this concept: a sea of cells under a sky of music.

My piano songs translate universal vibrations, and promote phisical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, relaxing, meditation, sleep, creativity, deep feelings expression.

This music is in use in yoga centersholistic centers and schools, are used by writers and artists to expand creativity and concentration, by doctors and dentists to lower pain and stress in their patients.