Gli acquerelli di Translational Music




12 Meditations for your cells – It includes “Translational Music” CD
High-quality-printed Watercolor paintings, Piano solo, 432Hz tuning, 12 tracks

The paintings collected into this book are inspired by “Translational Music” melodies (CD included), and with watercolor they express the vibrations of music becoming color, giving a complete sensorial harmonythat allows the access to deeper levels of subconscious.
Each painting is paired with a track and a proposal for meditation.
Translational Music project has been created by cell Biologist Emiliano Toso in association with Dr. Bruce Lipton, with whom works and open meetings in Europe.

This precious book and the watercolors copies (20 x 20 cm) have been created using only best, high quality materials.
All paintings are from Wilma Camatti, Emiliano Toso’s mother.
“Translational Music” CD included.


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