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Love Seeds


My intent through this cd is to water every seed on earth in my personal way, so that love can spread quickly throughout the world and reach those who are suffering, waiting, or engaging in the expression of their deepest nature.

These compositions will reach children within their families, in schools and hospitals; they will reach lonely people who are looking for a travel mate for their deep transformation; they will reach every country of the world and every organof Humanity. They will be the soundtrack of millions of star drawings projected upon the Earth to explode in paths of gratitude.
Will you be a caterpillar or a butterfly on this deep journey inside your heart? Are you willing to lighten your heart and rediscover your talents in order to donate Your precious and unique drop of potential to the ocean of Humanity?

This Cd is made of 13 tracks dedicated to the eternal child within us, who allows us to enjoy the wonder of life. We host endless gifts and seeds in our souls: only by experiencing giving and sharing, the seeds will be able to sprout and discloavailable hereavailable herese the miracle of Life.

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Accompanied by Kinesina, a protein with a transportation function moving along the microtubules of our cells, we begin a journey that will allow us to create, nourish and make some seeds of Love sprout.

In nature flowers and fruits show us how every little seed hosts like a sound, a precise piece of information that has the power to create a specific shape, color, taste and a unique scent. All of this information is written in the deep codes from
which everything originates. Like DNA, Love is to be found everywhere and represents the sparkle that can create peace, transformation, health, creativity and the joy of living in very different situations and backgrounds.


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