Welcome on Translational Music, a project by Emiliano Toso

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Emiliano Toso

Ph.D Emiliano Toso Cell Biologist and 432Hz Composer.

Cell biologist with doctorate in Human Biology, molecular and cellular bases at the University of Turin. He worked for 16 years as Associate Director in charge of the Molecular Biology group in a in the set up of methods approved by FDA and EMA. Specialized in the new perspectives of the Epigenetics and the New Biology, he’s supported and assisted by the Biologist and bestseller author Dr. Bruce Lipton in the creation and development of his major project Translational Music®. Emiliano Toso’s paper have been published on major national newspapers and he has bee invited to speak at TG2 and Studioaperto TV services.

He is invited to Europe and America for international conferences and concerts that integrate traditional science, music and inner sciences.

Translational Music promotes states of relaxation, reduces stress levels and increases attention and creativity; it is used by schools, major European hospitals, health and care centers but also by international scientists and working groups in the fields of health, education, coaching and pregnancy.


The music I compose is dictated by my emotions and is played on acoustic instruments tuned to 432Hz.


Cell biologist

 As a cell biologist, I am into the new health perspective offered by epigenetic studies. This is a complex word with a simple meaning: epigenetics is the science that studies how our beliefs shape who we are.