Translational Music

Translational Music is the way I use to translate my deep, cellular-level feelings into a higher plan, the music’s one. The translation of these universal vibrations into music can help us, I hope, to understand and improve wellbeing and cooperation at differing levels of complexity and organization, whether this be cellular, human or humanity… and closer to our Soul.

Translational Music brand can is represented as a sea of cells under a sky of music, and it is a registered trade mark.


3D Binaural Audio is an unique Recording System that reproduce natural conditions of human listening (a sferical 360 degrees acoustic experience).
This Full-3D Recording System uses an unique ‘mannequin-headed’ microphone (Neumann® KU 100), specifically crafted to replicate with precision an average human head in terms of 3D acoustic and phisiological (HRTF) feedback, to assure the most natural listening experience.
Listening to a Binaural Registration with a good Stereo Headset you will believe to be in the original recording site.
Your experience will be even more realistic keeping your eyes close and your head up.
Your listening will be correct even on a standard Stereo, but without the full 3D effect.


All tracks of my CDs are played on instruments tuned to Biological Tuning or 432 Hz scientific diapason: the Universal frequency for micro and macrocosmos coherence. Music with this tuning generates harmonies that reverberate with heartbeat, DNA double helix (replication frequency), top brain function (biohemisferical synchronization), base planet beat (Schumann resonance) and musical geometry of Creation.


Wilma Camatti’s delicate colors enfold watcher’s inner view. A perfect Harmony with the sound of music that inspired them. Color and music vibrations, resonating to cellular level, induce an emotional onrush toward the beauty of Life!