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Translational Music
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Translational Music is the way to translate the emotions I feel on a deep, cellular level into a higher level, the one of music. Thanks to resonance, vibrations spread more quickly, universally and naturally until they reach other cells, other people, the whole humanity. This way they bring well-being, improve cooperation, and let us reconcile with our Soul

Operating in schools and hospitals all over the world as an integration to educational and therapeutic activities (such as birth, surgery, oncology, psychiatry, neurodegenerative diseases), Translational Music is used by thousands of people to promote well-being, health, and creativity. It accompanies the work of well-known therapists and international researchers such as Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Doctor Franco Berrino and Daniela Lucangeli.



Music translates universal vibrations which create psychophysical and emotional well-being, favouring cellular homeostasis and the harmony and health of our body. Translational Music is used to reduce stress (the cause of most diseases) and pain in nursing, teaching, healing and educational environments.

Concentration and Creativity

The notes and harmonics of the instruments tuned to 432Hz stimulate the synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain, increasing concentration and stimulating creativity. Translational Music is considered as an important tool in kindergarten, schools and environments where it is important to keep focused. It is also used by artists in the field of writing, dancing, and painting when creating new works of art.


Translational Music is used by people and operators in the field of health, meditation, yoga and many other holistic disciplines to nurture the contact with our inner Self. It is a music that creates peace, silence, relaxation, and facilitates the contact with our deepest, most spiritual essence.


432Hz Bio Tuning

The tracks of Translational Music are played with acoustic instruments tuned to Biological Tuning or 432Hz scientific pitch: this is the frequence of the Universe for coherence in the micro and macrocosm. At this frequency, music produces harmonics that resonate with our heart-beat, the double helix of DNA (replication frequency), the maximum function of the brain (bi-hemispheric synchronisation), the planet’s fundamental heart-beat (Shumann resonance), and the musical geometry of creation.


3D Binaural Audio

3D Binaural Audio is a special Recording System that recreates the natural conditions of human hearing which is a 360° three-dimensional aural experience).

This Full-3D Audio Recording System uses a ‘dummy head’ microphone (Neumann® KU 100), specifically designed to get as close as possible to the average human head in terms of 3D acoustic response and physiological response (HRTF). This way, the best natural listening experience is ensured.

If you listen to a Binaural Recording with good Stereo Headphones, you will think you have been ‘audio-teleported’ to the original recording location.



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